Allred’s Amazing Maids, Inc. Truly Cleans For A Reason

//Allred’s Amazing Maids, Inc. Truly Cleans For A Reason

Allred’s Amazing Maids, Inc. Truly Cleans For A Reason


Allred’s Amazing Maids, Inc. Truly Cleans For A Reason.

Roosevelt Utah –October 1, 2012 – Even in the small towns of the Untina Basin in Utah, woman can be affected by cancer. Many people going through chemotherapy cannot even get out of bed, let alone clean their whole house on a regular basis. Allred’s Amazing Maids Inc. has joined up with Cleaning For A Reason to help women in their community. They donate their time, energy, and money to clean women’s houses for free that are going through treatment for cancer. A clean environment is a better environment for recovering cancer patients.

Allred’s has agreed to clean two women’s homes at a time, cleaning once a month for four consecutive months. “We want to give back to a community that has been so good to my Family and Company”, says Callie Allred of Allred’s Amazing Maids. “Almost all of us know someone who has had or is now going thru cancer treatment and it feels really good to be able to do something for them in that hard time. Service brings more true joy than anything and I want my staff and I to experience this thru helping those in our community that need us. “

Cleaning For A Reason provides free housecleaning to women in need. They partner with cleaning companies throughout the United States and Canada who donate their time and services to cancer patients. Within the past year, Cleaning For A Reason has exploded from 800 partners to over 1,100. This has allowed the organization to donate $1.3 million worth of cleanings to more than 4,600 women in two years. This impact is due entirely to the fantastic efforts of their cleaning service partners who have collectively donated over $2.9 million in free services to more than 10,000 women with cancer since 2006. Cleaning For A Reason will surpass that milestone by 50 percent in 2012. To learn more about Cleaning For A Reason visit their website:
Callie Allred
Allred’s Amazing Maids Inc.

Additional Contact:
Debbie Sardone
Founder/President Cleaning For A Reason