By Stacey Schwinghammer



Omaha, Nebraska – October 22, 2014 The Clean Bees, LLC is a locally-owned and operated cleaning company by two best friends that has teamed up with Cleaning For A Reason, an international nonprofit foundation. Owners Kimberlee Faughn and Theresa Rademacker started the company in 2007 and are dedicated to protecting the environment by using eco-friendly products and methods.

Faughn states, “We have been helping patients with cancer on our own and were looking into how we could give back more to the community we love as we continue to grow. I happened to stumble upon an article about Cleaning For A Reason and that was that. Who hasn’t been affected by cancer in some way! Theresa and I understand the challenges that a person with cancer is likely to face. Our motto is “One Less Thing.” By partnering with Cleaning For A Reason, we will be able to offer these individuals “One Less Thing.” This will allow them to spend their time with the people that they love and doing what they love. One Less Thing for them and One Profoundly Gratifying Reason To Do It for us!”

The company has agreed to help women battling cancer by cleaning two homes per month for four consecutive months at no charge. The only requirement is that the homes be within the company’s existing service areas of Omaha and Lincoln. For more information about this company, go to

Cleaning For A Reason strives to aid women who are battling cancer by teaming up with professional cleaning companies across the United States and Canada. Together, these two forces offer free house cleaning to meet the needs of women, and since 2006, have donated more than $4.5 million in free services, helping more than 15,000 women with cancer. Based in Lewisville, TX, Cleaning For A Reason works with more than 1,100 residential cleaning companies and continues to grow and gain support. To learn more about Cleaning For A Reason and to apply for free house cleaning, see