Edu-Sational Cleaning Business Conference Re-Cap Part 3

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Edu-Sational Cleaning Business Conference Re-Cap Part 3

Well, it was our final day of Edu-Sational, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t busy! The place was packed again and ready to learn!


Debbie Sardone speaking to another packed house!


We began the day with keynote speaker David A. Rich. In his presentation, he gave attendees the secret behind prices and what a customer is truly looking for when they hire someone. “Price is never the primary reason people buy anything”, according to David. In reality, businesses are usually the ones who are even more concerned about prices than the customer! It was a great speech to help attendees get motivated this morning.


Debbie Sardone with David A. Rich!


Next, we had Jeff Crilley, who discussed PR and how to do it yourself. If you are talented at something, he suggests that you go out and do free speeches offering your expertise to the community. When speaking to a crowd, “It’s not about the 100 people in the room”, Jeff said in his speech, “It’s about the 50 people they know personally”. It was a great speech and hopefully our cleaning services will go home and do some public speaking!


Jeff Crilley during his speech. It was great!


After Jeff, Paul Dumas spoke on how to market with social media. Facebook was the primary focus in his talk, in which he simply asked, “What are you doing to engage your customers on Facebook?” Paul let us know that Facebook is a great networking tool for your business. After his presentation he answered a ton of questions!


Debbie Sardone with Paul Dumas!


Then, we broke for lunch. When we came back Jean Hanson was back on stage, this time talking about how to build your business without breaking up your marriage. She talked about her experience building her business with her husband over the years and offered some great advice. Some key advice from Jean: “Be sure to define each spouse’s individual strengths and weaknesses before working together”. So true!


Debbie Sardone and Jean Hanson!


One Jean finished, Paul Dumas was back to talk about search engine optimization. We covered how to get highly ranked on Google, who to register your business with online to get noticed, and some other secrets straight from Paul! “Your website is your second best salesman”, said Paul. “The first (best salesman)? You.” He had some great tips on how to get noticed, and the best part is you didn’t even need to be a pro to do these things!


Paul giving out some great tips on SEO!


After Paul, Debbie came to the stage to discuss How To Make A Million Dollars Cleaning Homes. Debbie had some wonderful advice for the attendees to increase their business. A few tips from Debbie: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite a time”, meaning to take on a large goal, be sure to break it into parts and completing those parts will lead you to your larger goal. “What is valued is measured and what is measured is valued”, meaning be sure to track everything so that you know how you are doing in business. Lastly, “Create systems and processes for everything”. Be sure that you have processes in place for everything so that things will run smoothly and efficiently in your office.


After her speech, Debbie Sardone had some time to take pictures with our attendees!


After Debbie’s great speech, the attendees broke into groups to discuss how their cleaning services are unique. They came up with some excellent unique selling points, from simply being in the Cleaning For A Reason program to staying open 24 hours a day and much more! Each cleaning service can be unique. Just find some points that no other cleaning service has in your area and market those!


Our group leaders summarizing their groups unique selling points.


Lastly, we wanted to capture what the cleaning services got from the conference. We recorded a clip of a few people talking about how much Edu-Sational meant to them.


What did Edu-Sational Mean To You?


Well, it was a busy weekend! We all learned a lot and it was a great time meeting our cleaning services from around the nation. On Monday, we’ll do a final re-cap to cover the conference a little bit more. For all who came, thanks for making the trip! And to everyone who came or couldn’t, we absolutely appreciate what you do for our organization. Thanks so much, sponsors, cleaning services, and everyone involved with putting together Edu-Sational. We couldn’t have done it without you!