5 Star Cleaning

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with a serious and debilitating illness, the last thing on anyone’s mind is cleaning the house. With any serious illness, especially one as devastating as breast cancer, the trivial chores tend to fall to the wayside. While you and your family are all fighting hard to overcome the traumas and tribulations of cancer treatment, 5 Star Cleaning is here to help.

Partnering with “Cleaning For A Reason,” 5 Star Cleaning services offers free house cleaning and organization for those suffering through cancer treatment. Through this partnership, families and patients can focus solely on support and recovery, without having to waste time cleaning up or organizing their home.

“Cleaning For A Reason” is committed to providing the gift of a clean home while you or your family are undergoing cancer treatment. This foundation was officially formed in Texas in May 2006 as a non-profit corporation providing service to all 50 states, as well as Canada. But with the program growing, it became difficult to guarantee an available maid in any particular area.

Through the partnership with 5 Star Cleaning, more people can benefit from this wonderful service when they need it the most. Donate to “Cleaning For A Reason” today and contact 5 Star Cleaning for both residential and commercial cleaning services anywhere throughout New York City. If you or someone you know is facing cancer, help him or her with free home cleaning with 5 Star Cleaning.