What does Cleaning For A Reason do?2017-09-05T14:19:39-05:00

We partner with professional residential maid services who are insured and perform background checks on their employees to participate in our organization. The companies have agreed to take 1 patients at a time and offer the patient 2 free cleanings, 1 a month for 2 consecutive months as a way to give back to their community. We accept cancer patient applications online, receive physician’s verification of treatment, and match the patients with our maid service partners.

Who qualifies for the service?2014-08-13T09:20:39-05:00

Women 19 years of age or older, currently undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.

Why women only?2014-08-13T08:21:19-05:00

We do provide this service only to females with any type of cancer. As with any nonprofit organization, the resources are limited. The demand is always greater than what we are capable of handling regardless as to whom we serve. We understand that males undergo the same life crisis issues; however, we cannot serve everyone. Daily we have inquiries to assist individuals with disabilities, heart problems, MS, asthma and various other chronic medical conditions, which all have a need for the services. Naturally, the list is endless. We hope you understand that we have to stay focused on what we have decided to be our primary mission.

I am a Cancer Patient. How do I apply?2016-10-19T18:49:10-05:00

Please go to the patients tab and click on the apply button to begin the application process. If there is not an available maid services please continue to fill out the application so that our automated system may continue to search for a match. Once a maid service is found you will be asked to submit a physician’s note indicating that you are undergoing treatment for cancer.

Where are you located?2017-07-31T14:06:49-05:00

The organization headquarters is located in Lewisville, TX. We have maid service partners throughout the United States and Canada. The application process is handled through our website, not through our partner locations. Please do not contact the maid service partner directly. We handle the application process on their behalf.

Can I apply for someone else?2014-08-13T05:22:24-05:00

Yes, you can apply for someone else. Please be aware during application process we ask for patient information such as email, name, address, and contact info. There is also a release of liability waiver that needs to be approved. The last step is a physician must fax proof of the patient being in current cancer treatment. As long as you have this information, you can register for someone else. Cleaning For A Reason cannot call the physician’s office to verify treatment.

Can I volunteer?2017-07-31T14:07:35-05:00

While we do not use volunteers directly for our cleaning services, we partner with maid services that are insured and perform background checks on their employees, our corporate headquarters is in Lewisville, TX, and we do use volunteers at our facility. If you are not located in the Lewisville, TX, area, contact one of our maid services participates in your area and volunteer to do fundraisers, office work, etc. Our partners are listed under the “Maid Services” tab.

I am a Cancer Center. Can I get some brochures to place in our lobby?2017-07-31T14:08:34-05:00

Please contact us to assist with your request at 877.337.3348 or email info@cleaningforareason.org

How can I donate financially?2017-07-31T14:10:23-05:00

We rely on donations to grow and advance our organization. We accept online donations under the Donations tab. We also accept checks at our Cleaning For A Reason headquarters: 211 South Stemmons, Suite G; Lewisville, TX 75067.

Other questions?2014-08-13T01:00:58-05:00

If your question was not answered above, please email us at info@cleaningforareason.org