What does Cleaning for a Reason do?2019-11-06T20:37:09-06:00

We partner with more than 1,200 residential cleaning services throughout the United States and Canada to offer free house cleaning to households battling cancer.

Who qualifies for the service?2019-11-06T19:51:42-06:00

Cleaning for a Reason’s free home cleaning is provided to patients whose cancer battle and active cancer treatment has adversely impacted their quality of life. Treatments include: 1) chemotherapy, 2) radiation, 3) surgery, 4) hospice care, and 5) other alternative and progressive therapies.

What does the service entail?2019-11-06T22:14:15-06:00

Once matched, a patient receives two free, basic home cleanings, that is, one cleaning per month up to two months.

How do cancer patients apply?2020-07-06T11:43:28-05:00

Our online application on the Patients tab is the required method for patients to apply. If lacking access to a computer, a patient can ask a social worker, family member, or friend to apply on the patient’s behalf using the assisting person’s email address. With a patient’s approval, anyone can apply on behalf of the patient. Our process entails contacting a patient via email regarding services in the area.

Note: Our program is not a guaranteed service and will depend on whether there is a local cleaning partner with an opening; we are zip code and capacity driven. A patient may be matched at a later date, if not at the time of application.

Can I apply for additional cleanings?2019-11-06T21:04:27-06:00

Due to demand, a patient can only receive one round of free cleanings. Patients may choose to continue working with a cleaning partner by paying for continued service.

Where do you offer services?2019-11-07T10:31:58-06:00

We sign up cleaning services throughout the United States and Canada. To see if we have a cleaning partner in your area, go to the Maid Services tab, Locate Providers.

Note: The patient application process is handled through our website, not through our partner locations. Please do not contact a cleaning partner directly before you are matched with one. We process the patient applications on behalf of our partners.

How can I bring the service to my area?2019-11-06T22:27:59-06:00

Invite local residential cleaning companies to complete an Inquiry form at the Maid Services tab to learn about partnering with our cause of free house cleaning for cancer patients. Partnering companies must be insured and perform background checks on their cleaning technicians.

I am a Cancer Center. Can I get materials to place in our lobby?2019-11-06T21:46:06-06:00

Please email your request for a Cleaning for a Reason tear-off pad to info@cleaningforareason.org. To facilitate mailing you the pad, please include your name, title, organization, address, phone, and email address.

How can I donate financially?2019-11-06T22:12:25-06:00

Donations are accepted via credit card at Donations tab or via a check made payable to Cleaning for a Reason and mailed to ISSA Charities, P.O. Box 734383, Chicago, IL 60673-4383. Donations can also be made in honor or in memory of someone.

What are donations used for?2019-11-06T20:59:53-06:00

Donations to Cleaning for a Reason fund initiatives to expand our network of residential cleaning partners and provide patient matching assistance.

Can I volunteer?2019-11-06T21:00:46-06:00

We offer fundraising and corporate volunteer days for organizations interested in working with Cleaning for a Reason to support their community. Volunteers are also used for administrative help at the corporate headquarters in Lewisville, TX. Contact info@cleaningforareason.org to learn more.

Other questions?2014-08-13T01:00:58-05:00

If your question was not answered above, please email us at info@cleaningforareason.org

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