Written by: Stacy Cenal



Tampa, FL – October 14, 2013 – Brighter Green Cleaning Services has teamed up with Cleaning For A Reason, an international nonprofit foundation. This family-owned company is kicking off their business, ready to help women during their time of need. Their services offer green-cleaning products to all of their clients so that the women they serve will be in a healthy environment for healing.

Deciding to join Cleaning For a Reason’s cause was not a difficult choice for Lisan Rolan, one of the owners of Brighter Green. His wife is a breast cancer survivor, which helps him understand the difficult times that all the patients must go through during recovery. This is why they support Cleaning For A Reason and the “wonderful things” they do to help women in need. Brighter Green has agreed to clean two homes per month for four consecutive months, free of charge to help the patients in their area who are fighting cancer.

Cleaning For A Reason strives to aid women who are battling cancer by teaming up with cleaning services across the United States and Canada. Together, these two forces offer free maid services to meet the needs of women, and since 2006 have donated up to $3,600,000 worth of free services. Based in Lewisville, TX, Cleaning For A Reason has been able to work with more than 1,000 residential cleaning services and continues to grow and gain support. To learn more about Cleaning For A Reason, please visit the website at: www.cleaningforareason.org.