The Moxie Maids Assisting Women Battling Cancer

//The Moxie Maids Assisting Women Battling Cancer

The Moxie Maids Assisting Women Battling Cancer

By Stacey Schwinghammer



Atlanta, Georgia – February 27, 2018 – The Moxie Maids is a local start-up, residential cleaning company that has teamed up with Cleaning For A Reason, an international nonprofit serving women with cancer. The company is dedicated to delivering high quality cleaning services. Skilled technicians are also rated and reviewed after each cleaning, which incents them to go above and beyond on each job. Online communication and mobile communication makes it easy for clients to book an appointment and stay in touch with the company.

“Your home should be your sanctuary and place of peace and relaxation,” stated The Moxie Maids owner Stephanie Richardson Parker. “When dealing with an illness like cancer, the patient needs to focus on their health and family, not on cleaning. Fighting cancer is hard enough. Cleaning For A Reason allows us to remove the burden of cleaning for those in need. Therefore, we are able to provide back their sanctuary and some peace.”

The Moxie Maids has agreed to help women battling cancer by cleaning two homes per month for two consecutive months at no charge. The only requirement is that the homes be within the company’s existing service areas of Atlanta, Marietta, Decatur, and Stone Mountain. For more information about this company, go to

In partnership with maid services throughout the United States and Canada, Cleaning For A Reason is celebrating 12 years of dedicated service for women battling cancer by Making A Difference One Home At A Time™. Together, these two forces offer free house cleaning to meet the needs of women, and since 2006, have donated more than $8 million in free services, helping more than 28,000 women with cancer. Based in Lewisville, TX, Cleaning For A Reason works with more than 1,200 professional cleaning companies and continues to grow and gain support. To learn more about Cleaning For A Reason and to apply for free house cleaning, see


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