Cleaning For A Reason Reaches $10 Million in Donated House Cleanings to Women With Cancer Since 2006

//Cleaning For A Reason Reaches $10 Million in Donated House Cleanings to Women With Cancer Since 2006

Cleaning For A Reason Reaches $10 Million in Donated House Cleanings to Women With Cancer Since 2006

By Lucy Lee



Dallas, TX – June 2, 2018 – Cleaning For A Reason provides the gift of free house cleaning to women battling any type of cancer. Founded in 2006, this non-profit is changing cancer patients’ lives and has just reached $10 million in donated cleanings.

Cleaning For A Reason was founded by maid service owner Debbie Sardone after receiving a call from a woman battling cancer who needed her house cleaned but could not afford it. Sardone made a commitment that she would never turn away a woman with cancer because she couldn’t pay, and Cleaning For A Reason became the non-profit resource for giving free house cleanings to women with cancer.

Women like ovarian cancer patient Stacy Schwinghammer couldn’t be more thankful.

“When you get the diagnosis, your whole world is turned upside down,” said Schwinghammer. “The strenuous work of trying to clean your house during treatment is almost impossible. Knowing my house was being taken care of gave me incredible peace of mind and allowed me to focus on my health.” For others who are going through treatment, she advises, “It’s ok to ask for help. You need the support around you. Going through chemo is both physical and emotional.”

Cleaning For A Reason receives about 1,400 requests for service each month from women who are battling cancer. The nonprofit works with cleaning companies throughout the United States and Canada willing to provide cancer patients with one free cleaning a month for two months. While the businesses—which must be insured and conduct background checks on its workers—do not charge the women for their services, their employees are paid for their work.

Having reached the milestone of $10 million in cleanings, Cleaning For A Reason is excited to continue growing and expanding the reach of its program. The nonprofit is always looking to sign up more cleaning companies to help even more women in need. The program is limited in its reach by the number and location of the cleaning businesses in its roster.

“There are probably 25,000 cleaning services in the United States,” said Sardone. “We have only 1,200 of them. We want every maid service in the country to join, but most have probably never heard of us.” Because of her certainty in the “power of benevolence,” she knows “others would join and donate if they just knew we were around.”

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