A New Year of Hope, Happiness and Health

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A New Year of Hope, Happiness and Health

I am writing to share with you my story in hopes that you will join me in supporting a truly incredible organization, Cleaning For A Reason – Official Page. This non-profit organization is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of women with cancer!

In October of 2011, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I made a vow to myself to “kick cancer to the curb” by surrounding myself with positive thoughts and finding an inner strength to guide me through my cancer treatment. Guided by blessings and those that surrounded me, I came to realize – “you are not alone.”

One of the things that helped me on my path to a healthier outlook while in treatment for cancer was the support of Cleaning For A Reason. The caring staff at Cleaning For A Reason was able to connect me with wonderful ladies at from a local cleaning service who came to my home and cleaned at no cost to my family. What an amazing blessing!

Deb Kreimborg

To read more of Deb’s inspirational story, please see http://allenpub.com/deb-kreimborg-artist/

Donate Securely Online  http://cleaningforareason.org/page/donations

OR Call 877-337-3348 to donate by phone

Please consider making a one time “in Memory” or “in Honor of” donation. We will list the person’s name on our website.

Consider becoming a monthly contributor:
-$10 per month helps 1 woman
-$20 per month helps 2 women
-$50 per month helps 5 women
-$100 per month helps 10 women