The “Contagious Challenge” for Local Cleaning Businesses

//The “Contagious Challenge” for Local Cleaning Businesses

The “Contagious Challenge” for Local Cleaning Businesses

By Stacey Schwinghammer



Treasure Island, Florida – April 18, 2014  This spring, let’s make our businesses about more than just spring cleanings. Busy Bee Cleaning of Treasure Island, FL, will be Cleaning For A Reason with a portion of their proceeds going to support Cleaning For A Reason’s program of providing free house cleaning for women who are battling cancer.

Busy Bee Cleaning began operating in 1987 in Orlando and grew to a staff of 22 full-time workers. This year they moved their expertise to a new home base in Treasure Island, a place where the owners can “spend their free time in Paradise!” Meanwhile, they bring their success from the Orlando operation as they go forward with plans to set a new standard for cleaning homes and businesses in Tampa Bay. Read more about this company at

Cleaning For A Reason Week is April 18–24. Sheila and John Walker, owners of Busy Bee Cleaning, want to make a positive difference for both women in need and the Cleaning For A Reason foundation. Their mission locally is to unite the cleaning companies affiliated with the foundation into a “Contagious Challenge” to make the most of the services they offer. The companies have all been busy going to local chamber events and various women’s groups. The Walkers realized that many of these groups focus on empowering the network internally, but are not necessarily engaging other companies in the same service industry to join or become aware of the foundation. The focus of the Contagious Challenge now also includes “community networking.”

When the Walkers realized there were patient openings with partners in their county, they thought of the following:

  • There’s a large number of women in need of services that aren’t being reached.
  • If partners unite, “we” can let everyone know about the cause. The Contagious Challenge starts locally and hopefully catches on nationally.
  • “We” as partners involved in the Contagious Challenge will personally contact local cleaning businesses and return with a new company referral to join the cause within 30 days.

Busy Bee Cleaning is hoping to inspire other foundation partners to unite and do the same locally.


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