FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  LOCAL CLEANING SERVICE PARTNERS WITH A NON-PROFIT FOUNDATION TO SERVE WOMEN IN UTAH BATTLING CANCER  Salt Lake City, Utah – March 20, 2013 – Zebra Maids is announcing partnership with an International non-profit foundation, Cleaning For A Reason, benefitting women undergoing cancer treatments in their community.   Zebra Maids is looking to enhance [...]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  A NORTHEASTERN PA FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS BELIEVES IN GIVING BACK - SWEEP ME CLEAN    HUGHESTOWN, PA – March 4, 2013- A new residential and commercial cleaning company has partnered with Cleaning For A Reason, a nonprofit organization that helps women battling cancer focus on getting well instead of focusing on cleaning their [...]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  SPRING IS HERE AND THE CLEANING AUTHORITY OF CHARLESTON IS GIVING BACK TO WOMEN BATTLING CANCER!  Charleston, South Carolina – March 20, 2013- Spring is here!  It’s time to welcome the warmth of the sun, enjoy the longer days and make our homes sparkle.  Women battling cancer lack the energy to take [...]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MUSIC CITY MAID SERVICE HONORED TO HELP WOMEN BATTLING CANCER  Nashville, TN – March 18, 2013- Music City Maid Service has partnered with Cleaning For A Reason, so they can reach out and touch women within the community they serve.   This independent cleaning company has been serving the Nashville area since 2007 [...]


LARGEST LOCAL RESIDENTIAL CLEANING SERVICE PARTNERS WITH A NON-PROFIT FOUNDATION TO SERVE WOMEN BATTLING CANCER Idaho Falls, Idaho – March 13, 2013- Distinguished Images Cleaning Service has been serving Idaho Falls and the surrounding area since 2005 has joined Cleaning For A Reason, a nonprofit foundation so that they can give back.  “As soon as [...]

One Less Thing to Worry About!

We have openings in the following areas; please help a cancer patient by sharing! Calgary, Alberta   Phoenix, AZ Fernie BC Squamish BC Long Beach, CA Freemont CA San Burno CA San Jose CA Marysville, CA Fort Collins, CO Steamboat Springs CO Denver CO Middletown CT Westbrook CT Ocean View DE Gainesville, FL Brandon, FL [...]

Hubbard’s Maid Service Making News in Savannah!

Click on photo to watch the video. Reported by: Cassady Lance Fighting cancer is tough, but one business is working to make it easier. Hubbard's Maid Service is offering a gift to women battling the disease that many say is invaluable. It is called Cleaning for a Reason, a national organization that partners with maid [...]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A BUSINESS THAT WANTS TO DO MORE THAN JUST EXIST IN A COMMUNITY – COMPLETELY MAID Northbrook, IL – March 4, 2013 – Completely Maid is pleased to announce their partnership with Cleaning For A Reason, a nonprofit foundation that helps women battling cancer. “It’s not every day you get to help [...]

Cleaning Service A Welcomed Respite

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 by: Jennifer Patterson, Times Union For some women battling cancer, once mundane tasks like vacuuming and washing dishes take a herculean effort. Between doctors appointments, treatments, recovery time and the constant struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy, the added stress of home upkeep can be physically and emotionally draining. And for those [...]