CottageCare Jacksonville Partners With Cleaning For A Reason To Help Women With Cancer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   COTTAGECARE OF JACKSONVILLE MAKING AN IMPACT ON WOMEN IN THEIR COMMUNITY NOW!   Jacksonville, FL -October 29,2012-There is many research organizations that will help women battling cancer in the future, but CottageCare of Jacksonville is making an impact now!  After learning about clients and family members who lost their battle to [...]

A Touch of Class Cleaning Service on KCTV News 5

Owner Jason Hawk of "A Touch of Class Cleaning Service" in Overland Park, KS, knows what its like when a family member has cancer. He chooses to use his business to help local women with cancer to keep a sparkling, clean house so that they can focus on their health instead. KCTV News 5,  Stephen [...]

The Maids of Las Vegas Nevada

Sometimes you just have to brag on a hero. You know, the kind of person that silently reaches out to others, not looking for recognition or reward. The person who just goes above and beyond because she cares. Cleaning For A Reason Partner Peggy Lagomarsini of The Maids Home Services in Las Vegas, NV, just [...]

P&G (Proctor & Gamble) Announce Partnership

We are so proud and grateful to have P&G and their Swiffer brand as a partner with Cleaning For A Reason, helping more women get their homes cleaned for free while battling cancer.  .........READ PRESS RELEASE

Allred’s Amazing Maids, Inc. Truly Cleans For A Reason

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOCAL MAID SERVICE PARTNERS WITH INTERNATIONAL NON-PROFIT TO BENEFIT CANCER PATIETNTS   Allred’s Amazing Maids, Inc. Truly Cleans For A Reason. Roosevelt Utah –October 1, 2012 – Even in the small towns of the Untina Basin in Utah, woman can be affected by cancer. Many people going through chemotherapy cannot even get [...]

The Maids Home Services Are Leaders With A Heart For Cancer

                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     100 Cleaning professionals gather for Business Conference and Appreciation Banquet Dallas, TX, August 27, 2012­­­-- Members of the professional cleaning community gathered for the second [...]

Maid Perfect Housekeeping Cleans For A Reason In Raleigh

                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     CLEANING COMPANY JOINS UP WITH INTERNATIONAL NONPROFIT TO CLEAN HOMES FOR WOMEN WITH CANCER Maid Perfect Housekeeping Cleans For A Reason In Raleigh.   [...]