Snap, Cap, And Post Contest On Facebook

//Snap, Cap, And Post Contest On Facebook

Snap, Cap, And Post Contest On Facebook

Mop Pink is Back
“Swiffer Resolves Office Disagreements” (Cleaning For A Reason Board 2012)

Swiffer gets the job done… let me count the ways! Calling all Swiffer users… SNAP, CAP, and POST a photo of how you use your favorite Swiffer product(s), whether it be your WetJet, Dusters, Sweepers, and/or SweeperVac. Get creative! SNAP the photo, write a CAPtion, and POST your entry on our FB page at

(If you do not have a FB account, please email your entry to and we’ll post it for you.)

If you can, feature your limited edition PINK Swiffer products from your local Walmart. Pink Swiffers are in Walmart Stores everywhere (look for the isle kiosk with the Cleaning For A Reason logo!) See a sample contest entry (photo and caption) above.

Two winning entries, an INDIVIDUAL and an official CLEANING FOR A REASON PARTNER, will be announced on FB every Friday at 4p.m. CDT between Oct 19 and Nov 9 (an email will also be sent to winners). The INDIVIDUAL entry (which can depict an individual or a family) with the most likes and comments will win $100 worth of FREE HOUSE CLEANING services. And the CLEANING FOR A REASON PARTNER entry (can include office staff, house cleaners, or just owner) with the most likes and comments will win a $225 GOODY BAG with free Swiffer and eStore products.

Free house cleaning (awarded to INDIVIDUAL entry winners) will be provided by Cleaning For A Reason partners; an official partner will receive $100 to provide the award cleaning. Multiple entries allowed in each category; owner and staff of a CLEANING FOR A REASON PARTNER can also submit INDIVIDUAL entries. Note: You can win only once in each category, but you can win in both categories! Each entry is eligible for only one award, no matter the number of people in the photo. Awards not redeemable for cash. A FB account is not required to participate.

SNAP, CAP, and POST Contest starts NOW!

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Cleaning For A Reason has donated over 12,000 free cleanings to women battling cancer since 2006.  Utilizing a network of over 1,000 cleaning business Partners, they have donated over $3,000,000 worth of services.  To see if there is a participating company in your area search by zip code HERE.  To apply for services APPLY HERE. 
Mop Pink is Back