Famous Singer Roger Hodgson Honored for Support of Cleaning For A Reason

//Famous Singer Roger Hodgson Honored for Support of Cleaning For A Reason

Famous Singer Roger Hodgson Honored for Support of Cleaning For A Reason

Roger Hodgson gives more than a little bit.  To the world, Roger Hodgson is one of the most gifted composers, songwriters, and lyricists of our time. To the foundation, he’s someone who knows the difference one person or one organization can make when you just “give a little bit.” In 2012, Hodgson bestowed the rights to his song aptly named “Give a Little Bit” to Cleaning For A Reason, the foundation that makes a difference for women with cancer through free house cleanings.

On Friday, March 22, Roger Hodgson was formally recognized for his support of Cleaning For A Reason. Cleaning partner Tom Heveron, CEO Beachland Cleaning, was on hand following Hodgson’s concert in Clearwater, FL, to present a plaque to Hodgson on behalf of the foundation.  (scroll down to read more…….)

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In Hodgson’s own words, “It’s just one of those songs that has a profound yet beautiful and simple message–‘give a little bit’ and show you care. I know it is giving to others that makes me happy. If we could all ‘give a little bit’ each day, we would make the world a better place.”

According to the singer’s manager Linda Tyler, “Roger Hodgson, cofounder of Supertramp, is the original singer/songwriter of Give a Little Bit, The Logical Song, Breakfast in America, Dreamer, Take the Long Way Home, School, It’s Raining Again, Fool’s Overture, and many more. Many people do not realize that although Roger and Supertramp’s other cofounder shared writing credit, they actually wrote and composed separately with each singing their own respective songs.”

Regarding Hodgson’s current projects, Tyler replied, “You can see Roger live in concert. He is currently on his world tour and selling out shows all over the globe in addition to receiving fantastic review from media and fans alike. For more information, visit www.RogerHodgson.com. Be sure to also visit Roger’s You Tube channel at http:www.YouTube.com/MrRogerHodgson.”