Written by: Stacy Cenal 



Port St. Lucie, FL – December 9, 2013 – Dust Bunnies, Inc. ~ Your Treasure Coast Cleaning Co. has teamed up with Cleaning For A Reason, an international nonprofit foundation. Dust Bunnies originally was based in Arkansas, but has now relocated and is cleaning for the Treasure Coast of Florida. The company believes in “being involved in every possible way in their great community” and gives back in many ways including participating in charity walks and supporting local businesses. Now with their affiliation with Cleaning For A Reason, they will further service their community by helping the women who are undergoing treatments for cancer.

Helping these women in their fight against cancer is a cause that is very “near and dear” to the owners Dawn Wood and Maureen Madigan, who have both lost several family members and friends to cancer. By joining Cleaning For A Reason, they hope to “not only help someone around the home, but also help bring a glimpse of inspiration and hope to someone battling cancer.” The company has agreed to clean three homes per month for four consecutive months, free of charge in hopes of supporting many women in their time of need. For more information about Dust Bunnies, Inc., please visit http://www.dustbunniesfl.com.

Cleaning For A Reason strives to aid women who are battling cancer by teaming up with cleaning services across the United States and Canada. Together, these two forces offer free maid services to meet the needs of women, and since 2006 have donated up to $4,000,000 worth of free services. Based in Lewisville, TX, Cleaning For A Reason works with more than 1,000 residential cleaning services and continues to grow and gain support. To learn more about Cleaning For A Reason, please visit the website at: www.cleaningforareason.org.